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PBS Member Announcements for 12/25/2014

Attention PBS Members:
Come Join Us at the Yearly PBS Membership Meeting
Let Your Voice Be Heard

PBS Membership Meeting is coming up.  Let your voice be heard and help us to manage PBS.

Membership Meeting Items to be Discussed.
All members are invited to attend our PBS Membership Board Meeting to discuss and assist in deciding the following items.
1. We will be also attempting to select our National Convention Delegates representing the PBS.
1. The setup, configuration, and executing the PBS Awards Banquet.
2. Bowler of the Year Critiria.
3. Recommendations to the PBS Constitution if any.
4. PBS & TNBA Tournaments
5. PBS Juniors

Please feel free to come and fellowship with us to discuss important PBS matters. Let your voice be heard!!!
The Meeting is coming up in February.  Date to be announced Soon.
The TNBA was Founded in 1939 by African Americans, and it is open to all. TNBA is committed to the principles of Sportsmanship, Fellowship and Friendship within its ranks and throughout the world of bowling.