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The National Bowling Association INC.



The constitutional purpose is to foster and promote the game of Ten Pins among both men and women. Membership is open to all bowlers, without regard to race, creed or color. TNBA promotes friendship, sportsmanship and fellowship among its members. We also serves as a recruiting agency and point-of-entry for black bowlers who otherwise would not receive the encouragement, tutelage and guidance needed to learn the game and develop the skills that are essential to full enjoyment and successful competition. Such encouragement and training prepares TNBA bowlers to compete on equal terms in the tournament and competitions that are now open to them. TNBA has been and continues to be a major factor in the integration of blacks into the bowling world and plays a part in the national movement toward implementation of American democracy, ideals and principles. The acquaintance that comes with contact and the respect that is engendered by superior skill helps break down unfavorable attitudes and racial barriers.


The National Bowling Association is more than an organization. The National Bowling Association is a concept founded on the principles of sportsmanship, fellowship and friendship. For the Black bowler especially, TNBA membership should be as automatic as ABC and WIBC membership is to all bowlers mainly because the National Bowling Association is one of the largest BLACK FOUNDED, BLACK OPERATED AND BLACK DIRECTED organizations in the country. The National Bowling Association was instrumental in opening the doors of open competition in the ten-pin sport throughout our country for Black Bowlers. Every organization can trace its origin and the purpose for its creation - TNBA IS NO DIFFERENT. Founded in 1939, of necessity, because Black Bowlers were denied membership in the American Bowling Congress, TNBA provided an avenue for participation in the game of bowling for its membership. Even after full membership status was available in the ABC, TNBA continued its existence because the premise of its birth mandated its perpetuation. Over the years TNBA has continued its growth pattern and its growth paralleled the movement of Blacks from the rural areas of our country to the major metropolitan centers of the nation. Diversified programming geared to the needs of a given area became the keynote of TNBA's format as the organization's membership ranks swelled and its geographic scope widened. TNBA, in it's 65+ years of existence, has over 23,000 members contained in over 100 local chapters throughout the country, plus Bermuda.

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