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The National Bowling Association INC.



TNBA membership means unity and strength through organization and the sense of belonging to a dedicated, purposed and progressive group. The National Bowling Association, Inc., presently in its 65th year, has over 23,000 members contained in over one hundred local senates (chapters) throughout the United States including Bermuda. It is not necessary to be a bowler to belong to TNBA.


The National Bowling Association, Inc. adult programs consist of: League Bowling Competition High Score Achievement Awards Four (4) Regional Tournaments National Championship Tournaments Five (5) Classic Tournaments Rhodman Classic Roll-off National Honor (Individual) Awards Hall Of Fame Celebrity Bowl Tournament King and Queen Contest Sponsor Appreciation Awards Local Achievement Honor Awards Charity and Fund Raising Programs Intra-Senate (Chapter) Bowling Competition.


League Bowling CompetitionHigh Score Achievement AwardsFour (4) Regional TournamentsNational Junior Championship TournamentHonor AwardsScholarship Awards

The present membership of TNBA's Junior Bowling Program is 8,000 youngsters between the ages of six (6) and twenty-two (22) years, representing one hundred-plus senates and affiliates.

To those who are NOT ABOARD, WE SAY, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. Become one who reacts through involvement in the shaping, forming and extension of a program geared to the needs of amateur bowlers across the United States.

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